Virtual tours in 3D-photopanoramas for hotels, restaurants, night clubs, real estate, business centers, medical centers, fitness centers, car dealerships and manufacturing plants in Riga, cities in the European Union and the world! Presentation structure on the basis of 3D-panoramas - it is an effective way to attract the attention of customers in various business-projects, giving a feeling of real presence.

Virtual panoramas (3D-panorama, spherical panorama, 360 degrees photopanoramas, cubic panoramas) - this picture covering 360°x180°, which allows, in contrast to a simple photo viewing all the space around a single point that gives a sense of real presence in the inspect the place. If one point view (pan) is not enough, then made a few panoramas combining "active zones" or "active points" in one panoramic tour and the audience gets an opportunity to move in space. Virtual tour, as well as individual 3D-panorama can include a Flash-animation, sound and other multimedia elements.

Panoramas and panoramic tours / VR

3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours
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Virtual 3D-panorama view using Flash, now - is the most common technology. However, the trend of universal rejection of Flash promotes JavaScript+HTML5 and WebGL technology that is now almost caught up with Flash functionality and performance. All this makes it comfortable view panoramic content on devices that do not use Flash.